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IDS • Test Automation Services

Technologically Diverse
Test Infrastructure

IDS has built a technologically diverse test infrastructure that supports various platforms for document management, practice management, Risk and Compliance and client engagement. This diversity allows us to deliver effective and adaptable testing automation solutions, covering a wide range of functionalities and serving a broad user base in the legal industry.

Risk and Compliance Systems

Staying on top of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks, Client Due Diligence (CDD) verifications and conflict of interest management can be a daunting task. Failure to do so can result in hefty regulator fines and reputational damage. IDS offers Functional Test Automation for Risk and Compliance processes. We test integration of these processes, embedded into compliance and business intake workflows. IDS can help automate change testing in areas like securities law, environmental law, or healthcare law, where unique applications and systems come into play.

Practice and Financial Management Systems (PMS/FMS)

In the fast-paced world of professional services, Practice and Financial Management Systems (PMS/FMS) are the gears that keep businesses running smoothly. These systems handle everything from financial transactions to client management. However, testing them effectively can be a real challenge. Our Test Automation Services for PMS/FMS ensure that these critical systems are ready to go live! With IDS testing PMS/FMS, firms get the simplicity of a hassle-free experience, the certainty of top-notch performance, and the value of uninterrupted business operations.

Legacy, 3rd-party and Novel Systems

We understand that many law firms rely on specialised software to enhance their practice areas and streamline operations. Navigating the diverse landscape of legal technology, from eDiscovery tools to practice-specific applications, IDS takes pride in offering dedicated sets of tests for these systems. This specialised tests enables our clients to troubleshoot change, optimise and proactively maintain their niche applications effectively.

BAU Continuous Testing

IDS is a dependable partner for maintaining the uninterrupted uptime of your critical systems and processes, whether it's ensuring document management system efficiently handled recent integrated system update or guaranteeing the smooth transition of data across various integrated practice management platforms. Our in-depth understanding of the intricacies of legal software systems allows us to offer proactive monitoring, swift issue identification and escalation, ensuring core systems issues are identified promptly.

Change Acceleration Quality Assurance

IDS excels in writing tests for the intricate landscape of application change, encompassing software upgrades, system implementations, 3rd party integrations and data migrations. Our holistic vision allows us to leverage deep understanding of entire legaltech ecosystem and domain-specific nuances, enabling us to tailor test strategies that align with your specific needs. We specialise in orchestrating the seamless transition of practice area-specific, niche software solutions, ensuring optimal performance and user satisfaction.

Integration Test Automation solutions

Highly effective approach to delivering tailored test automation services is by focusing on specific legal practice areas. These practice areas, for example litigation, corporate law, or family law, often come with distinct technology requirements and challenges. Test automation services geared towards litigation might encompass support for eDiscovery software, case management systems, and court docketing tools. Conversely, corporate law may require assistance with contract management platforms, entity management software, and compliance tracking solutions. IDS acknowledges that each practice area demands a specific set of tools and technologies, and our test automation services are crafted to cater to these unique requirements.

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