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IDS Automation Services streamline and enhance various firm-wide processes, ensuring efficient and compliant operations. We can tailor Business Acceptance, Regulatory Risk, Finance, HR and IT workflows to your needs. Find out more...

IDS Data Management Services provide comprehensive support for firms aiming to maximise the value of their data. We supply Data Governance, Transformation, Advanced Analytics and AI development capabilities. Find out more...

IDS Implementation Services are designed to guide firms through the entire lifecycle of system deployment: As-is Analysis, To-be Planning, Vendor Management, Go-live Preparation, Execution and Post-production Support. Find out more...


System Integration

IDS System Integration Services help firms create a cohesive and efficient IT ecosystem, by linking core applications and connecting them with 3rd-party solutions. We specialise in ERP, FMS/PMS, CMS/DMS, CRM, HR, IT and emerging, AI-powered Legal Technology systems. Find out more...

IDS Managed Services provide comprehensive support tailored to maintain and enhance your systems' operations, ensuring optimal performance and alignment with evolving business needs. We supply Change Support, BAU Support and tailored services for sector-specific applications. Find out more...

IDS offers a comprehensive suite of artificial intelligence services designed to empower firms with bespoke workflows, seamless product implementation, robust integrations and strategic advice. We currently program ChatGPT(OpenAI), Gemini(Google) and Claude(Anthropic). Find out more...


Test Automation

IDS provides bespoke test automation services for #legaltech SaaS and PaaS platforms. Our continuous tests enhance efficiency and accuracy, ensuring holistic system integration and optimal performance for legal technology applications. Automation significantly reduces time and cost of technology change, speeding up deployment and freeing up human resources for more strategic tasks.


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Your questions

  • What services does IDS specialise in?
    IDS specializes in legaltech systems implementation, bespoke integration and system development leadership for professional services firms. Our services encompass application discovery, data architecture, solution development, change management, quality assurance, product decommissioning and version upgrades, ensuring your organisation stays ahead in a dynamic technological landscape.
  • How can IDS help optimise our firm's existing systems?
    Our expertise in application discovery and data architecture enables us to optimise your existing systems for better performance and efficiency. By re-evaluating and remodeling your current solutions, IDS ensures that your technology aligns with your business objectives, enhances operational efficiency and adapts to new market demands.
  • What makes IDS stand out in managing system upgrades and changes?
    IDS stands out through our comprehensive approach to change management and quality assurance. We provide meticulous oversight during system upgrades and the integration of new technologies, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum quality. Our strategic focus on application change helps maintain the relevance and efficiency of your legaltech systems, supporting your firm's long-term success.
  • What does the IDS implementation process involve?
    IDS's implementation process is comprehensive and tailored to each client's specific needs. It starts with an "As-is" analysis to understand current operations, followed by a "To-be" planning phase where we outline the desired future state. The process culminates with a "Go-live" phase, where we implement the planned solutions, conduct thorough testing and provide training to ensure a successful launch and adoption.
  • How does IDS ensure a smooth transition during the go-live phase?
    During the go-live phase, IDS prioritises a seamless transition by employing rigorous testing, user training and real-time support to address any issues as they arise. We provide detailed documentation and hands-on assistance to ensure all users are comfortable and proficient with the new system, minimising downtime and enhancing user confidence.
  • Can IDS handle the integration of complex systems across different jurisdictions?
    Yes, IDS specialises in the integration of complex systems across various offices and departments, including Business Intelligence, PMS, DMS, CRM and AI-powered systems. Our approach ensures that all systems work harmoniously, facilitating better data flow, reducing information silos and improving overall operational efficiency. We tailor each integration to meet the specific needs of each business unit, while ensuring that the overall firm objectives are met.


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