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IDS • Implementation Services


Beyond deployment, we offer hyper-active  support to address any immediate production issues or adjustments needed for a seamless transition.

As is

IDS provides a comprehensive set of deliverables when performing legacy system analysis in the "As-is" state: compiling an inventory of existing systems, creating data flow diagrams, developing system architecture diagrams, conducting source code analysis (if available), examining database schemas, mapping dependencies, assessing system performance and security, collecting user feedback, evaluating risks and crafting a transition plan. We consolidate these findings into a clear and accessible report, enabling firms to make informed decisions regarding the modernisation, replacement, or maintenance of their legacy systems.

To be

IDS delivers thorough "To-be" solution analysis and solution design services: assessing current state, envisioning the future, identifying gaps, optimising processes, selecting technology and managing change to align with strategic roadmap. Our goal is to deliver seamless transition to the desired future state. We prioritise user experiences and create a well-structured project timeline, ensuring timely milestones. We build solution documentation for stakeholders and support the firm through the execution of the proposed changes, improving business application and increasing efficiency, in-line with strategic objectives.

Go live

In our "Go-live" specialisation, we are dedicated to expediting project success. IDS accelerates solution development using agile methodologies, efficient coding and rigorous quality assurance, ensuring quicker time-to-market without compromising quality. Additionally, our expert vendor management guarantees third-party solutions align with project goals, while our meticulous issue tracking and resolution processes keep projects on track and minimise disruptions. We prioritise risk mitigation and adhere to strict timelines, using innovative delivery techniques.

Solution Design

Develop a comprehensive solution design tailored to the client's specific needs, that outlines the proposed changes, including new processes, system enhancements, integrations and data management strategies. Compile all findings, analysis and recommendations into a detailed report or documentation package that is accessible and understandable to both technical and non-technical stakeholders.

Development  Acceleration

Accelerate the development process, utilising agile methodologies, rapid prototyping and efficient, re-usable coding components and practices (from our past implementations). Our focus is on reducing time-to-market without compromising quality.

Business Process Re-engineering

Redesign and optimise business processes to align with the future state vision. Implement workflow automation / API orchestration, eliminating bottlenecks and streamlining of operations to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

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