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Company Formation

Ana Mokia and Giorgi Kvetenadze form IDS on 12 April 2017, founded on a rich heritage of application programming within Retail Banking, Automotive, Real Estate, Technology and finally, Legal sectors - where from 2014, Giorgi implemented firm-wide legal applications at a London's prominet firm, Mishcon de Reya.


LegalTech Footprint

IDS delivers innovative solutions and handles major integrations for notable clients like Fieldfisher and Taylor Wessing. We supply hands-on leadership capacity in systems implementation, integration and workflow automation spaces, significantly enhancing our capabilities and positioning IDS as a specialist in transforming legal tech landscapes.


Strategic Transformations

Leveraging our extensive subcontracting experience with leading legal tech consultancies like Macanta, Wilson Allen and Pinnacle, IDS develops profound expertise and a strong portfolio of successful projects for prestigious firms such as CMS, Latham & Watkins, Gateley PLC, Farrer & Co., Wiggin and others, culminating in direct engagements with Slaughter and May.


Innovation & Partnerships

IDS deepens its technological impact through the introduction of, alongside strategic partnerships with technology leaders - Microsoft, NetDocuments and Clio. These alliances not only expand our capabilities but also reinforce our commitment to driving innovation and excellence in legal technology.


Our Story


Director / Business Management

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Director / Solution Consultancy

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Customer / Helpdesk Management

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Partner / Solution Architecture

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Partner / Marketing

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Coordinator / Operations & Partnership

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Trainee / Legal Assistant

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Consultant / Analyst Developer

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Consultants / Technology Champions

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Channel Sales Executive

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Aspiring Application Developer

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Accomplished Solution Architect

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Our People



At IDS, our philosophy is that technology, fundamentally built on zeros and ones, should embody clarity and precision. We reject the notion that "complexity" is a necessary part of legal technology. Instead, we argue that often complexity is used as a veil for inefficiency and lack of diligence. By adopting this approach, we ensure that our clients receive transparent, efficient and predictable technology solutions.



Simplicity is at the core of our approach to legal technology. We believe that the most effective solutions are those that reduce complexity, not add to it. Our products are designed with the user in mind, offering intuitive interfaces and straightforward functionality that demystify legal technology, ensuring that even the most sophisticated applications are accessible to all.



We're committed to creating exceptional value by leveraging our history of engagement with some of the world's leading firms and utilising reusable components that enhance efficiency and effectiveness. Our solutions are crafted from a wealth of accumulated expertise and a deep understanding of the legal industry's nuances, allowing us to deliver highly refined application strategies.


Our Beliefs


Our Projects

Supplying bespoke Intapp Development, administration and support, leading development and integration of any additional products, as a technical expert and liaison point for all software upgrades/changes.

Ensuring all development and delivery of intiaitives conforms to the application standard and methodologies including: secure design, coding, security, encryption, error logging, debugging, scalability, code reviews,
development and testing.

Slaughter & May


At Macanta Consulting, IDS leads the migration of workflows from Elite to Maconomy, focusing on enhancing efficiency and functionality. Our role involves designing and implementing custom workflows such as new matter creation, matter modification, joint billing and group clients.

These tailored workflows are developed to ensure seamless operation within the new Maconomy environment, improving process management and client service for CMS-HS in Germany.



Supporting 3E cloud implementation, IDS supplies Functional Solution Consultancy, Solution & Data Architecture, Business Analysis & Design, Business Process Improvement, Data Migration Management, Implementation Management, Supplier Engagement & Delivery Assurance services.

Key Deliverables (Non-Exhaustive): End-to-End Solution Architecture, End-to-End Solution Design, Data Architecture, Data Audit & Assessment, Data Migration Strategy/Plan, Solution Options & Gap Analysis, Business Modelling, Business Requirements and Business Process Maps.



IDS is a delivery partner for PSC, supplying hands-on integration, application analysis, architecture, development, roll-out and maintenance services, utilising global pool of PSC technicians.

Deliveries include esteemed firms like Harneys (migrated Intapp Time integrations from Exchange to Azure) and Wedlake Bell (implemented Intapp Time application constraints in Dell boomi, based Elite 3E financial control tables).

PSC Global


Meet us at LEGALTECHTALK 2024!

13 June 2024 London, UK

If you are a motivated sales professional with a passion for technology and innovation, IDS offers the opportunity to play a pivotal role in driving the digital transformation of businesses across industries. We invite you to apply and contribute to a team that values innovation, performance, and quality.

The Aspiring Solution Analyst Developer will be responsible for actively reading and listening, analysing business processes, developing technical solutions and supporting data analytics tasks. They should have experience in business analysis and possess strong listening, analytical and communication skills.

As an Accomplished Solution Architect you will play a pivotal role in developing and implementing high-quality technological solutions for our clients in the professional services sector. Your deep experience in software development, project management and business analysis will contribute to the successful delivery of complex projects.





Your questions

  • What services does IDS specialise in?
    IDS specializes in legaltech systems implementation, bespoke integration and system development leadership for professional services firms. Our services encompass application discovery, data architecture, solution development, change management, quality assurance, product decommissioning and version upgrades, ensuring your organisation stays ahead in a dynamic technological landscape.
  • How can IDS help optimise our firm's existing systems?
    Our expertise in application discovery and data architecture enables us to optimise your existing systems for better performance and efficiency. By re-evaluating and remodeling your current solutions, IDS ensures that your technology aligns with your business objectives, enhances operational efficiency and adapts to new market demands.
  • What makes IDS stand out in managing system upgrades and changes?
    IDS stands out through our comprehensive approach to change management and quality assurance. We provide meticulous oversight during system upgrades and the integration of new technologies, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum quality. Our strategic focus on application change helps maintain the relevance and efficiency of your legaltech systems, supporting your firm's long-term success.
  • What does the IDS implementation process involve?
    IDS's implementation process is comprehensive and tailored to each client's specific needs. It starts with an "As-is" analysis to understand current operations, followed by a "To-be" planning phase where we outline the desired future state. The process culminates with a "Go-live" phase, where we implement the planned solutions, conduct thorough testing and provide training to ensure a successful launch and adoption.
  • How does IDS ensure a smooth transition during the go-live phase?
    During the go-live phase, IDS prioritises a seamless transition by employing rigorous testing, user training and real-time support to address any issues as they arise. We provide detailed documentation and hands-on assistance to ensure all users are comfortable and proficient with the new system, minimising downtime and enhancing user confidence.
  • Can IDS handle the integration of complex systems across different jurisdictions?
    Yes, IDS specialises in the integration of complex systems across various offices and departments, including Business Intelligence, PMS, DMS, CRM and AI-powered systems. Our approach ensures that all systems work harmoniously, facilitating better data flow, reducing information silos and improving overall operational efficiency. We tailor each integration to meet the specific needs of each business unit, while ensuring that the overall firm objectives are met.
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