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AML Compliance

Ensure compliance with anti-money laundering regulations through SmartSearch's comprehensive screening capabilities. Automatically verify client identities and monitor transactions to detect suspicious activities efficiently and reliably.

Create custom due diligence workflows with live SmartSearch data to thoroughly understand client backgrounds and associated risks. Essential for high-risk clients and complex business relationships, enhancing your compliance framework.


Ongoing Monitoring

Benefit from SmartSearch's ongoing monitoring feature that continuously checks your client base against updated sanctions lists and changes in risk status, ensuring you remain compliant over time without manual effort.


PEP & Sanction Alerts

Utilise SmartSearch to screen individuals and entities against global political exposed persons (PEP) lists and sanction lists. Ensure thorough risk assessment and compliance with international regulations to safeguard your operations.


Entity Verification

Employ SmartSearch's validation services to authenticate the legitimacy of individuals and companies. Ensure the accuracy of registration details, operational status, and compliance with local and international business standards, critical for maintaining regulatory adherence.


Document Migration

IDS specialises in facilitating seamless document migration to and from Clio, ensuring that all your critical legal documents are transferred securely and efficiently. Our expertise enables a smooth transition to Clio's robust document management system.


Data Migration

IDS expertly manages data migration to Clio, ensuring a seamless transfer of case files, client information and historical data. We prioritise accuracy, security and minimal downtime, enabling your firm to leverage Clio’s full capabilities without losing valuable insights.

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