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Custom Workflows

We can tailor Clio to meet specific firm needs, enhancing efficiency and streamlining case management, billing and client interactions through personalised, automated workflows.

Seamlessly connecting Clio with other key systems like accounting, document management, and communication tools, IDS ensures that Clio acts as a central hub, improving data flow, reducing manual entry and increasing operational efficiency across your legal practice.



IDS streamlines legal workflows, automate routine tasks and ensure compliance. Our approach enhances application efficiency, reduces the risk of errors and frees up legal professionals to focus on client-centric activities, ultimately boosting productivity and client satisfaction.


Custom Development

IDS creates tailored solutions that enhance legal practice management. By developing bespoke features and integrations, we ensure Clio perfectly aligns with the specific workflows, reporting needs and client management strategies of your firm.


Document Templates

IDS streamline document creation and ensure consistency across all legal communications. We customise templates to align with your firm’s specific legal standards and client requirements, enhancing efficiency while reducing the risk of errors in document generation processes.


Document Migration

IDS specialises in facilitating seamless document migration to and from Clio, ensuring that all your critical legal documents are transferred securely and efficiently. Our expertise enables a smooth transition to Clio's robust document management system.


Data Migration

IDS expertly manages data migration to Clio, ensuring a seamless transfer of case files, client information and historical data. We prioritise accuracy, security and minimal downtime, enabling your firm to leverage Clio’s full capabilities without losing valuable insights.

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